Gagarin — The Artists in their own words

Gagarin is entirely dedicated to the publication of original texts of artists, who are now working, anywhere in the world. Gagarin wants to publish their words in an unfiltered way, in the form of autobiographical texts, artist’s texts, selected texts or interviews. Gagarin does not restrict itself to a particular period or import and runs through the codes that are applied in the world of art. Gagarin is aimed at those who do not tend to wait until everything is accepted and synthesized and those who are prepared to leave the road to search for stimulating art and ideas while they are still fresh.


Founded in the millennium year 2000, the artists’ magazine GAGARIN documents the first decade(s) of this century in artists’ writings. From early 2017 on, the complete GAGARIN oeuvre of 33 issues are collected into a box. This box will is now available in a signed, numbered and limited edition of 120 on a first come, first served basis at a reduced price of € 600.


Publisher & Editor — Wilfried Huet