Tony Oursler — Vox Vernacular

Tony Oursler / Vox Vernacular is the first anthology devoted exclusively to the writings of the American artist Tony Oursler. It contains a selection of working scripts, monologues, dialogues, essays, psychological tests, and kaleidoscopic doggerel culled from productions by the multimedia artist spanning over 35 years.  Tracing the mercurial flow of language through his early videotapes, sculptural projections, large public works, and interior cosmologies, this ambitious book provides an unprecedented graphic interpretation of one of the most inventive poetic œuvres of our time. The myriad voices from the artist’s phantasmagoric installations captured between its covers reveal Oursler’s obsession with beauty, tele­communications, mental illness, belief systems, and ontology. Published on the occasion of Oursler’s exhibition Phantasmagoria at MAC’s / Grand-Hornu in 2013, this richly illustrated and annotated anthology is the result of close collaboration with the artist, who personally selected the transcriptions of dialogues and scripts from his multimedia projects between 1977 and 2013.


55 texts by Tony Oursler, 190 color illustrations, 256 pages

Preface by Laurent Busine, essay by Denis Gielen and entries by Billy Rubin

Edition Fonds Mercator

Disponible en version française