Rudi Meulemans — Verzameld & Purgatorio

De Parade / Bozar — Purgatorio


The Purgatorio is, above all, the ascent of a mountain. The idea is that the ascent is a way of understanding oneself. When you reach the summit, you can see further and can also see the route you have taken. The itinerary is both a physical hike and a fictional one.

In Purgatorio (the second part of their Dante trilogy) Vincent Dunoyer and Rudi Meulemans abandon the traditional theatre space and invite spectators to share Dante's delight in constructing, furnishing, and populating a world that he himself could wander around.

Purgatorio takes advantage of the possibilities offered by Victor Horta's iconic Centre for Fine Arts. When walking through the building, without really being aware of it one is climbing a hill: the Kunstberg/Mont des Arts. In total, Horta's Palace has no fewer than eight levels. Spectators follow an itinerary that is a metaphor for climbing Dante's Mount Purgatory. The journey is a spiritual one in which bodies and voices become architectural elements. The building becomes the show.

Vincent Dunoyer and Rudi Meulemans have invited musicians, visual artists, dancers, and actors to collaborate on the project.